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A creative writing group for U.S. veterans, service members, & their adult family members.

Located in Allegheny & Westmoreland counties, PA, VetsWrite is a safe, fun environment to express yourself creatively and build community with others in your shoes.

It's completely free and you can share as much or as little of your writing as you like.

What is VetsWrite?

At VetsWrite we want to give veterans, active duty service members, and their adult family members the tools and space to tell their stories—and to share them with our community. Each session will focus on a different creative writing concept in order to help you bring your military, post-military, and/or home front experiences to life on the page.

VetsWrite seeks to act as a bridge between servicemen and women who served in different conflicts, in the reserves, and stateside, and at the same time to offer the healing benefits of story-telling in a safe, trusting environment. The public reading provides the opportunity to share your valuable stories with community.

All events are free, and participants may attend as many or as few workshop sessions as they like. Sessions will be led by fiction writer Ashley Kunsa.

The Artist

Workshops are led by Ashley Kunsa, a fiction writer whose work has appeared in numerous venues including The Los Angeles Review and The Roanoke Review. She's been teaching writing since 2006. More info

Upcoming Workshops

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